Gay marriage, it’s just common sense

I firmly believe that gay marriage will be the civil rights issue of my generation. It is time that we as a nation face the reality that to deny and ban gay marriage is to flatly violate the civil rights of American citizens. Some will say that this is a complicated issue, well it’s not, if folks who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or choose not to identify with a specific gender are allowed to vote t…hen why can they not exercise their right to marry someone who loves them? Some might argue that gay couples won’t take their vows seriously, tell me then when a pair of drunks get a quickie Vegas wedding is that taking their vows seriously?
I’ve even heard that allowing gay couples to marry will increase the tax burden but that’s a load of crap. Still the argument most often used against gay marriage is that marriage is a sacred bond between man and woman. That sounds an awful lot like a religious view and if that’s the case then any good American citizen should be aware of this little thing called “separation of church and state.” What it boils down to is if you don’t want to allow gay couples to be married in your church that’s unfortunate but also your right and the government shall not have a say in it.
Therefore what gives a religious group the right to impose their will and beliefs on the American people? Who granted them the power to say that a gay couple can’t find an ordained individual who will perform the ceremony or that they cannot simply go down to city hall and have a civic wedding there? Sure folks will say “but a majority of this country is Christian and we believe that God said clearly that marriage is between a man and a woman.”
Well I don’t care if Christians make up 90% of the country (which of course they don’t) that still does not give them the authority to deny basic rights to their fellow citizens.
If, after all this you still don’t buy my argument listen to Thomas Jefferson, “legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” How I interpret that is you are free to exercise discretion within the confines of your own religious institution but do not presume to lecture everyone else on how to live their own lives.
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